I cant install any updates or update wordpress version


My site crashes with every time I’m trying to install any new plugin or update WordPress version.
It’s going to “Service mode” and recovering in 10-15mins.

it looks your WP is corrupted!

follow this:

Can you try updating WordPress or plugins with a FTP client? Here are the instructions to do all of those:



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But its not ok to update everything via FTP. There is definitely something wrong with a server.

WordPress zip files are greater than 10MBs in size, so you can’t upgrade automatically. Some plugins take quite a time to install, and may fail if it’s larger than 10 MBs or takes more than 20 seconds to install. So, you should not do automatic installation if the plugin doesn’t meet the criteria of our hosting.

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Got it, thx. Could you reload my site somehow?

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Follow these instructions:

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