I can't install WordPress Starter Templates

Try finding the plugins on the “plugin” panel and installing from there.

That’s not the issue here.

Based off the post you deleted, I can see that you have ever field correct instead of the “Database Name” field. Are you sure _w777 is correct for this plugin?

Thanks. I have already installed wordpress. But the plugins were not installed on the themes. In a straight line, I also put plugins. But the templates are not installed. They show an error.

10 days of lost time. It’s all useless! Hosting probably wants to buy a premium plan.

it’s not hosting issue, there is some problem with the plugin or kadence template database

No, the problem is precisely in the hosting. I was putting another topic. The same situation. I put themes via FTP. Then the templates are not set.

Maybe. We really don’t have enough info to be sure. The only way to say the hosting is the problem is by doing the same thing on another host. I think this issue is with the template. Try installing everything manually, download it from there website and upload it to your website in the correct spot.

What do I have to write my problem endlessly now? Why are you asking me the same questions? Sorry, this is already kind of strange. I also downloaded plugins via FTP. But then the templates are still not loaded. Then I uploaded another theme. Plugins of another theme are still not loaded. This is not normal. Take a look at my access to the control panel. How much more will I write on the forum? Is there support here? Or is there only premium support? I’ll switch to premium later, but at least let the software work on this free one. See how the server behaves. But what I see, for example, does not give me confidence.

You wrote it like 3 times, and it’s because each time confuses me more, as you give different details each time.

Do you mean uploaded them via FTP and downloaded them from the creator’s website? Did you upload to the right spot so it is visible in the “Plugins” spot in your WP Admin panel? I can’t look at your control panel, because you have not provided screenshots, and I am not an admin.

Until you give us something useful that we can actually use to tell you the problem, perhaps quite a while.

The only support is here unless you pay.

As said previously, this is not the server’s fault. Additionally, Premium uses different servers.

Now, can you tell me where you uploaded the plugins/themes/templates, and where you got them from? You should try installing it all manually since the auto-installer obviously is not working.

I wrote it. I installed it through the admin panel. Automatic. Then via FTP. But the plugin does not show me the templates. The error "Error, Unable to access template database, please try re-downloading"appears. Then I put another topic. When installing, the theme asked to install plugins. I agreed. But the plugins were not installed either. And also the theme pages were not installed either.

You’re asking people to help you fix your website for free. This is a community support forum for a free hosting provider. You didn’t pay anyone here a cent to get a working website. So nobody here is under any obligation to help you with this.

Also (like I said in the DM): this is a hosting forum. We know our hosting, but we don’t know your website. Perhaps your website doesn’t work because of a hosting issue, perhaps it is because of another reason. We don’t know.

This is something that needs to be debugged in your website, and can take a few hours to do. Nobody here except you and I have access to your account to actually check and try things. Everyone else just has to go on what screenshots and descriptions you provide and what they can find on the internet. That’s not a lot of information to diagnose a complex issue like this.

While I could access your website and try to fix this, I don’t have the time to spend hours debugging the websites of individual free hosting users.

If you want to fix it, you need to debug it yourself, or find someone to do that for you. Perhaps you can pay an expert for that. But don’t just dump an error message in a forum and expect other people to fix it for you.

If you can trace this issue back to a specific hosting limitation, I’d be happy to look into what’s happening and if or how it can be fixed.

But finding out if that’s the case is up to you.


I only asked for help. If so, you can close the topic. Thank you all! Hosting is nonsense!

Continuing the discussion you tried to start over PM:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you can find something specific about the hosting that is causing problems for your website, I’m happy to investigate. But I need a lot more details than “this plugin doesn’t work”. That could be caused by anything.

What evidence do you have of this? Can you provide a minimal, reproducible example that clearly shows that this is a hosting issue?

If you can, please provide that information and example so I can investigate it. But “it says ‘Error’ when I try to install this plugin” is not something I can work with.

We provide support for our hosting. We can’t provide support for all PHP code ever written. We provide hosting, not fully managed websites. Companies exist that do that too, but they are not free.

And four different people in this topic have replied to your messages and tried to help. Simply ignoring all the effort they have made is extremely disrespectful.


Don’t write this! I have already deleted my account. It was a mistake to waste time on your “hosting”. I will write a review so that people do not make mistakes. I have uploaded wordpress on your hosting. But themes, plugins, templates are not loaded. This is your hosting error. And not a site that does not exist yet.

This does not happen to every WordPress website on this hosting. There are many such website’s that work fine. Your issue was a plugin issue. You don’t even understand the issue in the first place, if this was not helping then you should have first created a support ticket in wordpress.org for the plugin support. Without even acknowledging other’s efforts, who have replied to this discussion, you are blaming it on the hosting? Looks like you are new to WordPress. It takes time to adapt to it, but not disrespect those who have tried to help. It is difficult to investigate the issue as none of the others has access to your website, except the admin and you. All you provide the screenshot is of the error of the plugin, not even the log? How are we supposed to help you then, huh?


Then don’t make sweeping statements about how we provide no support and our hosting is broken. If you’re going to make big accusations, you should be ready to defend them.

My offer to help you still stands. But like I said before: a WordPress website not working is not evidence that our hosting is not working. I need more information.

Many people here are hosting WordPress sites with us without any problems. Some do have problems. But this can also be caused by a botched installation, a broken plugin, bad configuration or other issues.

Is it a hosting issue for you? Is it something else? I don’t know. I’m happy to try to help you, but threatening with a bad review doesn’t get me any closer to reproducing your issues.


Don’t write to me anymore, I already said! Delete my account from here altogether!

I’ve been trying to reach you for 10 days. There was no specific help. I have uploaded several themes. And all plugins and templates do not load! Wordpress loaded automatically and with your hands, too. I realized that everything is going to money for you. You said yourself that you didn’t pay a cent to anyone. Why should I pay someone if every hosting should have support. I didn’t get it. And I’m not threatening. I will write what experience I got here! I have now created a wordpress site on Google Cloud. And my Cadence theme loaded well. Also, all plugins and templates were loaded automatically. There were no problems. Everything became automatic. And everything is free for 3 months. This is enough for me for the test and then pay for the service. So don’t tell me that it’s Wordpress’s fault or the theme. Goodbye. Delete my account. I don’t want to receive any more letters from you.

You cannot ask someone to delete your account in the forums! LOL :joy:

We never threatened you :shushing_face:, you never understood the problem :nerd_face:. And started blaming the hosting.


Why not start by giving the right example? Why do you insist in repeating that our hosting has no support and you will write a bad review and then outright forbid us from replying to you?

If you don’t want to continue this conversation, then don’t continue the conversation.

There was no specific question.

Your first message was just a domain name, and the title “I can’t install this WordPress Starter Templates”. No description about why you were unable to. Then just a screenshot of a button that says “Error”.

Then some stuff about installing WordPress by hand, and moving domains to other accounts. Which are fine for the “just throw things against the wall” kind of troubleshooting, and arguably not something I would have proposed.

And, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry that your time has been wasted on those kinds of instructions. I don’t believe that moving sites around is a solution for most issues, but I also don’t know enough about this issue that I know what is the solution.

I only said that you didn’t pay a cent to anyone.

Did you even check this with Google Cloud? Because Google Cloud has support alright. For $29 per month + 3% of whatever you’re spending on the infrastructure. If you don’t pay them, you get billing support only, i.e. “everything is going to money” as you said.

For that money + infrastructure cost, you can get some kickass web hosting too, like iFastNet’s Business Hosting plans, that’s going to be like night and day compared to what we offer.

Just because you haven’t had any problems so far doesn’t mean their support is any better.

Why didn’t you lead with that?

If you were looking for a trial for a paid service, I could have told you right away that you were in the wrong place. We provide a free forever service that was built as a free forever service. It says right on our website home page that this is not a trial for premium hosting.

I know very well that a premium hosting trial is going to be a lot better than what we’re offering. If you were hoping for a service we don’t even try to offer, of course you’re going to be disappointed.

I don’t and I didn’t. I said I don’t know where the fault is because I need you to do more debugging on your own site. Until then, it could be anything.


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