I cant upload my html file to get indexed by google


I need to upload googles html file to verify my ownership to mydomain.com/thehtmlfile
The ftp server does not allow me to do it ( 553 Can’t open that file: Permission denied )
Does someone have any tips how I could get indexed or how to solve this problem?



under the assumption that you did not change CHMOD (or you have not been suspended)

the file should go to htdocs dir
yourdomain/htdocs/ here


Thank you, but
google does not detect it when I upload it there, (assuming its mydomain.com/htdocs/thehtmlfile and not mydomain.com/thehtmlfile)


what is your domain?




you need to put it in htdocs folder of your domain


btw. it seems to me that you violate TOS

file sharing / file storage scripts



I dont think so, this script is available through this service


we are not the police here, but that was my advice (goodwill)

especially when you have an anonymous upload option
tomorrow someone is going to upload something that infringes copyright, child pornography, etc.
and your domain will be confiscated


@OxyDac is correct here, image uploading sites are NOT allowed on InfinityFree.

Yes, the software can be installed through our script installer. But please note that the script installer is provided by Softaculous, and they frequently add new software, including software which isn’t normally allowed on our service.

We do try to keep up with Softaculous to make sure all the software available in it is allowed and works on your account. But I can’t guarantee that all the software in Softaculous works and is allowed.

Images not showing though file exist on server
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