I declined to receive ads by email - will my account be deleted?

When I used the control panel for the first time, I opened the file manager or some similar function. Then a dialogue popped up, offering the options to either accept or decline, basically demanding that I have to accept that I will receive ads(?) on my email address or otherwise my account could be deleted. I politely declined, and it seems I can still use my account.

But now I wonder, does this mean I must live in constant fear that my account will eventually be deleted? Partially I declined because I thought it must have been a malicious ad window by a third party company, but now I’m not so sure.

To use the control panel and other functions, you can press either. However, you should press “Accept”. I pressed “Accept” and I do not receive any malicious emails. If you are truly worried your account will be deleted, remove your domains in cPanel and delete your account from the Client Area. Then, create a new account and click “Accept” instead.

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Click “decline” does not really matter here, that’s more there for resellers who do not have a email notification system setup. Also, almost all of the emails sent from iFastNet go automatically to spam, so you would probably never see them anyway.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

The Accept/Decline button is primarily about direct marketing messages from iFastNet. They could be considered “ads”, but it’s not like we’re selling your email address to spammers.

And you can decline them with basically no penalty. You might miss some messages about inactivity or high resource usage, but we’ll email you if something happens to your account regardless of whether you accept iFastNet’s mails or not.


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