I didnot get my SSL certificate after changing cname records about more than 20 hours


Hi. Yesterday I set my domain nameservers to n1 and n2.epizy.com and in order to host my website on infinity free. Everything was right and my website was hosted by infinity free. But then I wanted an SSL certificate. I requested an SSL certificate from InfinityFree and added a CNAME record in my DNS by using InfinityFree cpanel. Now about more than 20 hours have passed but I did not get my SSL certificate. These errors are shown:

We did not detect any nameservers on your domain name.
This SSL provider requires additional verification to issue your certificate.

Please check this and issue my SSL certificate.
Hanzala Khan

Welcome to the fourm!

Can you show a screenshot of the SSL page in the Client Area?

Shouldn’t it be ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com ?

I think it was a typo.

Yes, I added these in my nameservers. I wrote n1 and n2.epizy.com by mistake it was ns1 and ns2

I checked your hosting account settings and SSL certificate settings and found the issue.

On your hosting account you have the domain:


In the SSL certificates order, you have the domain:


There is an S missing in the SSL domain.

Besides that, everything seems setup perfectly. But if you’re requesting SSL for one domain and configure another domain, that won’t work of course.

You can just add an additional SSL domain with the right name and add the CNAME record for that one.


Thanks, now I will do that

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