I get the - " Lets Make Something Awesome page’ what should I do next

Hi Admin,I’m new here. I get the - " Lets Make Something Awesome page’ what should I do next to access my Wordpress site ? Thanks and cheers.

Hi Admin, I’m trying to set up my wordpress site and I’m facing challenges.When i was updating my entries i clicked update and I got an answer - The following errors were found :The URL and DIRECTORY name do not match - but I can’t remember where I clicked and got a beautiful page stating - Let\s make something awesome. Please advice - what should I do ? my URL is rhinoheartviralmarketing.online

FYI: I split your posts off to a separate topic. Please only reply to an existing topic if you want to talk about the exact same issue as is described in the topic. The topic you replied to referred to a specific error code which your website doesn’t show, which is a pretty strong sign that the problem is something else.

Also, note that I read all topics. So there is no need to reply to another topic to get my attention.

As for the issue itself: how did you create your website in the first place? Did you migrate an existing installation to your account with us? Or did you install a fresh copy of WordPress through Softaculous?

If it’s the latter, then you may want to check the All Installations list in Softaculous. From there, you can verify if your website was installed and what domain and URL it was installed to.


Hi Admin. Thanks for reaching out so fast. I am creating a brand new site and what I discovered is I saw somewhere - the directory name and site name do not match - something like that- so I decided to close the account and create a new one from scratch although I am very new to it.Mu only question is concerning the FTP. I am supposed to upload files to MYConfig. What particular files am I supposed to upload to MYConfig ? I think that’s where the problem began. What do you think ? Cheers.

You’re supposed to upload the files necessary for your website to work. Which files those are depends on the website you’re trying to upload and the software you’re using to build it. Maybe the software you’re using has publishing instructions you could follow?

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Hi Admin. I’m creating a WP site and I have no files except the Theme and Builder.

Wherever you are uploading the files, you are probably not supposed to do that. When you open your FTP, among the list there is a directory that has same name as your domain. Under that, there’s an htdocs directory. All the files of your website are supposed to go inside that directory.

Please make sure you are doing exactly so.

You can also attempt to install WordPress using Softaculous. That will easily do the above functions for you.


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