I have 4 problems

THE problem is this

  1. how can i do with an email domain with namesilo and link it to gmail with this hosting

  2. why is it showing ads when i click on the .epizy.com site created

  3. How can i park a domain with it because i have already tried but is not working

  4. should i delete the index.html in the websever wouldnt affect anything

All .epizy.com domains are broken, hacked, and trash. Use another one or your own.
index.html is basically useless epmpty,
and you cant link gmail to anything but other google products and their partners.
and idk how to park a domain unless you mean connect?

Parked Domains also known as Aliases. You can go to control panel, in the domains section, click “Aliases (Parked Domains)” to park a domain.



What do you mean with “link it to Gmail”? What kind of “link” do you mean?

Probably because the DNS has not propagated yet. The TL;DR is that you need to wait for up to 72 hours for the site to be visible everywhere. The detailed explanation is here:

There is a control panel section conveniently called “Parked Domains”. If that’s not working for you, can you please explain more about what the issue is you experience?

Yes, you should. In fact, the contents of the index2.html page even say you should.

It could affect whether your website shows the default page or a directory listing. But normally you upload your own website instead, and the default page becomes irrelevant.

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Like link with Gmail server like dual email hosting

I’m sorry, but I still don’t understand what you mean. What exactly do you mean by “dual email hosting”?

Do you mean “mail dual delivery” as described here? Deliver email to multiple inboxes with dual delivery - Google Workspace Admin Help Because that should work if you use Gmail as the primary server (we don’t support dual delivery). Although I can’t think of any reason why someone would pay $5 per month per user at G Suite and also want to use our very limited email service.


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