I have an active SSL on cloudflare but my site couldn’t open on https

Kindly help! I have an active SSL on cloudflare but my site couldn’t open on https.

Site Address: physicsclass.ml

I see a 404 error page that has some mixed content in it. iFastNet should update the images URL (if the sites themselves are protected via HTTPS), but if it was yours you need to update the code with https URLs instead of http ones.

I split your posts to a separate topic. The topic your replied to was about having SSL on webmail, not on your own website. I moved these posts now, but please pay more attention the the subject of a topic, rather than just looking at a few keywords in the title and assume it’s the same issue.

As for the issue itself, it seems to a problem with your settings at Cloudflare. If I check your website while bypassing Cloudflare, it works just fine. Please check in Cloudflare whether the IP address you’re using is correct, and that you don’t have any page rules, apps or other content manipulations which break your website.

Thank you.

Kindly help resolve ERROR 521 display on my website. I got a confirmation that everything was alright on whynopacdlock, including cloudflare but the site is yet to open.

my site: www.physicsclass.ml

Your domain name is currently not pointing to either our servers or Cloudflare’s, so I can’t check.

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