I moved my site to another hosting company

I was using my web site (herseyburadahub.com) with a free hosting and I was thinking about switching to paid hosting after I started making money. But Infinityfree seemed inadequate to me. Because after writing two or three articles, my site was temporarily shut down for 24 hours. I also as a solution, I bought a package from the company providing services in Turkey (Güzel Hosting). Hosting package. I changed the nameservers to the names given by the hosting company in GoDaddy, the company where I purchased my domain name. But today after adding articles to my site was a nuisance. My site was again temporarily closed by InfinityFree. What should I do?

I’m sorry for the issues you’ve had with the resource limits. However, I’m not entirely sure what exactly I can do for you. Your domain name seems to be pointing to your Turkish hosting provider, and no longer to us. Is there still something you need from your account here?


When my account became active again after 5 hours, they said they would transfer the database. This way my website will not use InfinityFree hosting.

Please activate my site as soon as possible. After opening cPanel, I will transfer my entire database. Then I will remove my site from InfinityFree. I do this because it is free hosting. There are too many sites I use on InfinityFree. However, I have to move my site herseyburadahub.com to a paid hosting.

As you can read in the client area: your account will be reactivated automatically. I cannot reactivate your account any earlier, and asking for reactivation here will not change the automatic reactivation.

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