I need help! with cloudflare

So on cloudflare its asking me to swap the servernames, but i dont know where to find
a page that will swap it over to cloudflares servernames please help me :grinning:

What is your domain?

It looks like your domain is managed by Google Domains. You will need to change its Nameservers there.


ok thank you

Also, please do not delete posts so others can see all responses to help them if they have the same issue.

can u delete it plz

Why? It will help others. It will be deleted in 24 hours. Also, I don’t work for Infinity, nor am I a moderator, so I cannot do that. (Im a user like you)

i mean can u repost it but with blur out domain

I can’t do that, I’m not a moderator. There should be an option for you to edit it and bring it back. If not, just leave it I guess.

This is quite awkward, why do you want to do this?

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