I/O limit reached - suspended


I just received a message saying my website was suspended because I reached the …

I/O limit

I find this hard to believe and will confirm myself shortly through analytics but was I DDos attacked or something?

Can admins check into this …

my website is dartagnanmagic.com



I don’t know if the DDoS attack could cause an I/O limit reached on your account, but I hope it’s not. For my sites hosted in Byet Free Network and its affiliates, like InfinityFree, I didn’t have any problems so far. On the Knowledge Base, I did see only CPU Limits, Entry Process Limits, Inode Limits and so on, but not I/O limits. You need to wait 24 hours and then use your website again (if you want, install caching and use CloudFlare to add protection against DDoS enabling I’m Under Attack! mode and use SSL to your website.



I only have had a small amount of users though there was a spike yesterday. That doesn’t explain why it went down today though.


What do you want to have checked? We keep track of disk and network load of all accounts and take action if the usage gets too high and might cause problems for other users.

The disk IO part specifically causes problem if your website makes a lot of changes to the files on your website. If you did things like installing and removing lots of plugins through your website, that might explain why the IO usage is high. If your website stores it’s data in files rather than the database, that might explain it too.

But all of that is just a guess. We keep track of how much server power your account uses, but don’t record exactly which script on which request causes this load. The amount of server power needed to process such detailed metrics is just too much to be done sustainably.


So you have no answer you just have speculation.

Hard to see how in any way, shape or form a site with an uptick of 4 additional users would cause such problems.

I guess I know what the answer is now.


So it happened again last night.

Do the admins have any sort of insight into what is causing this?

Another I/O problem? what is this EXACTLY?

Very frustrating with so little traffic.