I only have three wordpress plugins I still get suspended for cpu limit


I do not have any plugins that are not active.

Thats weird. When did you install Wordpress?

I installed WordPress several months ago, i am running the latest version.

What were you doing when your site got suspended. Remember: It lasts 24 hours. 40 times and you’re site gets deleted forever. By the way, is this the first time?


I was not even on my site when it got suspended. I have been suspended 18 times.

Hmm, that’s weird. I’ll @ Admin so he can see what’s going on. @Admin, please check out what’s happening. @bobo111, please provide the InfinityFree account name (e.g. epiz_???) so Admin can easily drop a peek on what’s happening.

I’m an InfintiyFree client so I’m limited on what I can do for you at the moment., and what theme are you running by the way?

the account name is epiz_24560255.

I am running MY ARCADE THEME.

While I wait for Admin to drop in on the topic, I’ll see the theme file size so I can determine if it’s that making your account suspended.


After attempting to locate the file size, I can’t. So we kinda have to wait for Admin on this.

Okay, by the way thanks for the help!

What was the reason of being suspended? Daily Hits? CPU Hits? Can you please tell us what was it?

Also do not refresh or visit your site everytime you make a changes cause it can cause cpu or daily hits limit since wordpress have a lots of .php file (all of their links are php script).

He mentioned right at the title and in his first post:

  • His account was suspended due to CPU limit.

He also mentioned that he was not on his site when it was suspended, so I don’t think about his making change to his site was the cause.

I also experienced CPU spike few times (CPU usage reached more than 75%) even though I used default WordPress theme with only 3 plugins (Akismet, Classic Editor, and Loginizer), and my daily hit was almost always less than 400.

No matter how much I read, the CPU limit is always a mystery to me.

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Hi the reason was cpu usage, katufo.

CPU Usage is common when using wordpress, also there is no need to directly tag Admin, He will come when he comes, but the reason this is a forum and not a support ticket system is so everyone can help you

Also, This can be due to too many visitors at one time, as many people loading many php scripts (of which are very heavy in wordpress) can overload the system. (As Katufo says) so unless you have accidentally left something on, the only solution is to minimize your visitors


Do you think the website would use less CPU usage if I converted it to a static site? I’ve heard of a plugin that can do that.

Yes, just static html site, rather than a wordpress which loads too much php script. It will really help you reduce cpu consumption.

Use js, html and css minifier for your website and cdn+caching (Cloudflare)

Because of its big code, WordPress is designed for medium site & above.
That’s why I don’t use WordPress in this free hosting for my site. For blogging, I simply use Blogger.
& other reason, it’s always be targeted by hacker.
This is my site log (eventhough I don’t use WordPress):

If you still want to use CMS for your site/blog in this free hosting, I recommend flat-file based CMS, such as Pico: http://picocms.org

Nobody can tell you for certain why you have hit the CPU limit. There simply is no way to gather statistics detailed enough to say that.

This fact, and everything else there is to know about the CPU limit, is explained here:


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