I pay 1 month for my account


I pay 1 month for this domain, i checked on my credit card account and ifastnet have charge the money but, my domain still ‘suspended’ whats happen???
Please fix it or refund my money

z6ghwarc.epizy.com is a Main Domain, and that’s why you can’t access it directly (it redirects to suspendeddomain.org or suspended-website.com). You can only use it for pointing your Custom Domain to a free account with another DNS service using a CNAME record.

i have pay for ifastnet

You can pay for a hosting account not for the Main Domain, but for your actual Addon Domain, to then point it to iFastNet after migrating the website contents to it.

They maybe ask iFastNet why the service you paid for doesn’t work as you expect it to? I can’t help you fix a service we don’t provide in the first place.

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