I try, I can't fix Error's Cloud flare

Nah no? I just visited wp-admin same as your link. Try using another browser maybe, and check if the problem still exist?

i test it from my phone

there new error 502 bad gateway

That’s weird, it should work fine!

It is already working from me.
(Tested on Chromium-based browser using Android phone)

I open my web in
Android (Google Chrome)
iOS (iPhone 5) from Safari
Windows 10 (Microsoft Edge)
so there problem in web or HTTPS or cloudflare !

still press for Retry

yes, your site will only works when i click Retry/ Refresh

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This is a server hiccup. Give it sometime and refresh your DNS cache. It will fix itself.

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on my web,still access from page to page
e.g… : from Home to About from Contact me from post from to home …
still do it

in first, it was work good,but when i remove my web and reinstall wp

Yes, just wait for a while as Niekon said, it will fix itself.

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I also see your website with an error “Error 520: Web Server Is Returning an Unknown Error

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there 3 error

Web Server is running and unknown
bad gateway
web server is down

yeap, i experienced it too in your website

Thats weird, mine and digibytech are not :confused:

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i make ‘Full’ in cloudflare in SSL/TLS

That wont work, since you don’t have a origin certificate on the infinityfree server. You will get a Ssl handshake failed for sure, if you don’t have.


keep it Flexible

When did you start using Cloudflare?

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