I want my files but my account is suspended

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I want my files because i want to backup my files, but my account is suspended due to hitting daily hits, i wasnt ddosing, i was just using AJAX to GET data from my server, so it was counted as hits. please, i want my data.

See this

And then

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I just wanna move to a paid host, and i need my files right now.

You cannot just demand what you want. You can access your files once the suspension is over. Not before.



why this is a thing?
at least let people pick their files up
i just programmed alot of stuff and now, poof. its gone for 24 hours.
please, please, please let people access their files.

just give me my data, and you will never see me again.

FTP access is disabled on suspended accounts. You hit a resource limit, so your account was suspended. So now your FTP access is disabled until the account is reactivated.

I admit, for these types of suspensions it doesn’t make that much sense to disable FTP access. Disabling websites, yes, but blocking backups, no. Unfortunately, the platform only has one type of suspension, and can’t do a partial suspension for accounts which hit resource limits.


Like maybe people want their data

You must add a little thing to unsuspend the account for like 20 minutes and then resuspend it.
This way, everyone would be happy.

I see SOO MANY tickets about this topic here.
so please, consider adding the little unsuspender.

Maybe you could like at 2 hours to the suspension as a payload for using the unsuspend thing

But then people won’t learn their lesson.


20 minutes of un-suspension, but with a payload of 2 hours of more suspension, And only one-time in each account, is that bad?

suspension is to stop the website sucking up all the stuff, like CPU, if you are using 200% of allowed CPU, you are using someone elses cut and valuable cpu


I just passed the hit limits due to AJAX, so maybe the un-suspension button would only be accessible for hit limit overload?

I know the cPanel system does the suspension, and it’s scripts which do it, its a good idea, but i have no sway over it


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: you should develop your site offline, not while it’s on the web server, and you should always take backups of it after any changes before your suspended. That being said, Infinity Free’s system is provided by iFastNet. The custom cpanel and servers are by them as is the suspension system, so even if IF wanted to open up FTP on suspended accounts, they could not do so.


I see how that may help for you and possibly others, but it won’t stop the complaints entirely. I can almost guarantee you that conversations like this will happen:

user: My account was suspended, I want to reactivate it now!

we: You can reactivate the account temporary so you can download backups. But you can only do it once.

user: I clicked the reactivation button but my account was suspended again 20 minutes later! Your servers are broken!

we: Yes, it’s a temporary suspension. You still need to wait for the full reactivation.


user: My account is suspended again! I want to move away from here, give me my data now!

we: Sure, you can use the temporary reactivation on an account to get access to the data so you can back it up.

user: But it says “you cannot use the temporary reactivation because it’s already reactivated before”! Why can’t I reactivate my account?

we: Because you already used the backup option, but you didn’t use it for backups when you should.

user: You are a bunch of scammers! I will give you a 1 star review everywhere! Buhuhuh!

Systems which are clear help to prevent situations like this. And systems which are simple tend to be clear. So “if you hit the limit, your account is suspended for 24 hours” is a lot easier to explain than if there is a temporary once off exception which can be used at some times.

Also, there are a lot of topics about the resource limit suspensions. But in my experience the main requests are “I want my website to be back up right now” and “I want to know exactly what to do to prevent this from happening again”. A temporary reactivation solves neither of those issues.

And if I had to build it, a “suspension light” is probably easier to do that a “temporary unsuspension but only once”. But I don’t have the means to build something like that.


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