Hello @admin
My website is getting server errors as well as 502 gateway error
The warmup (first view of website) goes too slow but then it goes good
I saw that the problem is from the hosting server
Andd sometimes i get too many php/apache processes
Any solution?

Hello @Icegeek!

Please don’t ping the Admin, it will do you no good. Also, as this is a community fourm, others can anwser as well.

Can you let me know where you see this? Your site is working fine for me.

It did load a little slowly for me (See below for a possible reason)

Please read…

On an unrelated note: Can you let me know what you use for your search feature? I kind of like it!


To load your website for the first time my browser had to do 92 requests to the server!
44 of them were JavaScript files.
38 of them were CSS files.

It’s impossible to have a fast website requiring this amount of requests to the server.
You should run your website using Lighthouse or an equivalent tool to see what you need to improve.

Open your website using Google Chrome, click “F12” to open the Developer Tools, and choose the tab “Lighthouse”. Then click on “Generate report” and wait for it to be generated. It will tell you what you should do to improve the website’s performance.

Right now it doesn’t look good. But you can easily improve that.



@Icegeek You can use AMD(Asynchronous Module Definition) script loaders. To give insights:

Asynchronous module definition is a specification for the programming language JavaScript. It defines an application programming interface that defines code modules and their dependencies, and loads them asynchronously if desired. Implementations of AMD provide the following benefits: Website performance improvements.

With this approach, scripts are been loading asynchronous(this will speed up the page load up to 2-10x faster)!!.

Example Application of AMD

We will use RequireJS as a library. (you can switch to amdlite afterwards). Suppose your site is using jquery, with 20 plugins (not to count an actual code)

So here:

    require(["/path/to/jquery"], ()=>{
       require(["/path/to/plugin1", "/path/to/plugin2", "/path/to/plugin3", ... morePlugins], ()=>{
    // Main code here

in css, likewise, has a speed solution:

instead of :
<link href="mystyle1.css" rel="stylesheet">

then use:
<link rel="preload" href="mystyle1.css" as="style" onload="this.rel='stylesheet'">

then, to you can fallback if js is not supported like this:

<noscript><link href="mystyle1.css" rel="stylesheet"></noscript>


Big companies uses more than 2 speed hacks and uses different techniques.

Dont lose hope :slight_smile:. (I am referring to speed hacks not on 502 problem xd)

EDIT: These will work on non-cms generated site


Hello DigibytechsOrg

im extreamly intrested in your secret speed-hacks
would you share at least one way that i can get my websites
to load faster please ?
thankyou x
ps…VIMEO video loading is a big problem for me

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I didnt understand what do you mean by search feature?
and sometimes i get 502 error not always

can you please help me privately with step by step guide?

@Icegeek I cant help you much because I dont have knowledge on how to edit Wordpress Elementor html, js directly.

If you know how, then I can help you with :). Otherwise, my proposed solutions cant be applied.

Oh, I meant the search bar in the footer. What did you use for it?

As for speeding up your site, you can take a look around Google or try deleting things you don’t need (like plugins or add-ons) as those are most likely causing your site to slow down.

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What did you see that makes you say that?

Because I see you’re using WordPress, and I know WordPress uses a background scheduler that executes periodic tasks every once in a while on request. So the first page load of a WordPress site that hasn’t been opened in a while will be slow because it’s executing scheduled tasks.

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When i open my website first time it takes too much time but when i go with it it just go pretty fast

I use it for searching for posts on blog (recently i have no posts)

Yes i know how
How should i contact you
Do you have instagram?
Or we can talk private on this software

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I asked many people and went to many software they all said it is from the main server ( which sometimes go slow and sometimes good

I’m sorry, but again, what did you see that makes you so sure that this is a hosting issue?

I just told you that it’s a WordPress issue.

Who are these “many people” and “many software” you asked?

There were slowdowns on initial page load first but those have been resolved. What’s left is caused by the website code.

And I only learned recently about the WordPress scheduler thing. I have said in the past that it’s due to server warmup, which my current knowledge knows was only partially true at the time and is just not true now.


Sorry, I meant how was the search bar made (self-coded, open-source etc.)?

Why would you want to private chat DigibytechsOrg? Do you know how to directly edit the files? If so, just reply here (as the answer can help others).

As Admin said, this is because WP holds things off until it is loaded, not because of the hosting server. So when you open the site for the first time in a few hours, WP will want to complete some tasks before showing the site. You can speed up the first load by scheduling a cron job in the control panel for 1hr and to load your homepage.


I want to private chat so i send him files and he minify them for me
the search bar was a widget from my theme (oceanWP)

You could also use modules


Instead of using AMD methods, you can make a script a module:

<script type="module">

Note that this is only available for ES6 and above.

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