Ifastnet terrible hosting

After hard work i made designs ,i made pattens, i build ecommerce store , i try promote my ecommerce website and whats happening , my website is not working properly , it is often has problems , i cant access website very often ,and i dont know if even anybody can and i am really angry , and nobody answers from ifastnet.Error establishing from database connection. This is what i am getting when i try to access website.

website url please?

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After migrating your website to iFastNet Premium Hosting, you should use the new database host (localhost in the iFastNet’s case), database name, username and password to connect to the database. You can set up those on the wp-config.php file after logging into your cPanel and using its File Manager.

How can i use ? Its not premium its super hosting, I did not received any mail about this , also when i was in process to build website and hosting provider was ifastnet , website worked really well.

Go to your iFastNet’s Client Area, click on “Services”, click on your “Super Premium” hosting account, and then click on “Login to cPanel”. You can then click on “File Manager” and there will appear the cPanel File Manager. After that, go to the public_html folder, and edit the wp-config.php file with the new database details after creating one from the “MySQL Databases” section of it, and creating a priviledged user also from that section (firstly creating a database user, then assigning all permissions). The database host should be localhost, the database name should be prefixed as cpanelus_name, where cpanelus would be the cPanel username, and name would be the database name you chosen, then the priviledged user’s name is prefixed as cpanelus_uname, where cpanelus I explained before what would be, and uname would be the name you chosen to create the database user, and the password would be what you chose for the priviledged user, not your cPanel password. After those things, save the changes.

Thank you but why it worked before? It was no problem at all.

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Maybe because your DNS caching was still using the old DNS records (our ones instead of iFastNet’s new ones), and the database was the old one you got from us. So now the new one should work.

If it will begin work what should i do? Should i make changes no matter works or not?

It it doesn’t work you should make changes to the database things. If it works again you should continue with whatever you were doing. Now it doesn’t work, so you should make changes to the database things.

Database parts are so complicated : (((((((( its so complicated : ((((((( there is no video tutorial?

Thank you very much for tutorial.

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