Website is not working properly and ifastnet absolutly is not helping me, website has some strange issue , when you click on product instead of photos and descriptions different strange content, which i have not uploaded, appears, so many days i try to figure out whats happening, but i have not receuved any helpful answer , which can fix this strange issue, wordpress experts answered , that it is not wordpress issue and its strange issue and i must contact with hosting company , but they dont give me any helpful answer , this is website

I noticed some time ago that it is true that your site seems to be experiencing an oddity by displaying a different picture

But this way might be so tiring, you have to check it yourself between the correlation of images in the product and the subsequent images that are error in the file manager by analyzing because I do not have access to your file manager

Or it is also the default image provided by the theme and you must change it

Of course iFastNet isn’t helping you. You are hosting your website with InfinityFree, not iFastNet. iFastNet only provides support to iFastNet’s paying customers, not people who host websites with their partners.

Can you clarify what exactly you mean by “different strange content”? The product pages are clearly not working properly, but I suspect that might just be caused by your WordPress theme not having support for WooCommerce. If you have a theme which does support WooCommerce, the store pages should look less broken.


No i had this theme, but worked properly, also i used have infinity free , but i changed and use ifastnet, when you upload content , you should get that content what you upload right? When you click product , there appears some strange content, which i have not uploaded.

I’m sorry, but again, what strange content do you mean? Could you perhaps take a screenshot and mark which content you’re referring to?

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https://cosmicside.epizy.com/sweatshirt/ when you click on product , you must see that products pictures , price and descriptions and instead of this is some strange( i dont know where it comes from, i have not uploaded) content like this https://cosmicside.epizy.com/product/unisex-sweatshirt-19/ i contacted wordpress experts and they could not figure out what is this and they answered that i must contact , with host , i contacted them , but i have not received any meaningful answer , i know how website works and how it is possible , that server sends different data , i dont understand and ifastnet helps me not at all

I’m sorry, but again, can you please create a screenshot and mark the content? If the content really was as obvious and ubiquitous as it is to you, I wouldn’t ask you for this. But I honestly have no idea which content you mean.

The “strange content” on the product detail page seems to be product details and recommendations from WooCommerce. Normally, these should be nicely styled on the page, but I suspect your theme is missing the relevant code to work with WooCommerce. I would still recommend to try one of the standard themes and see if you get the same content, even if you believe that the theme is not the issue.

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This whole content except slideshow https://cosmicside.epizy.com/product/unisex-sweatshirt-19/ below pictures also, i changed different themes, but this helped me not at all , click that link except footer and slideshow , everything is strange content , i dont know from
where it comes, whats reason , that it appears , ifastnet blames wordpress , but i asked help wordpress experts and they tried to help , have deactivated plugins, themes and answered that this is strange issue and i must ask help ifastnet , but their ifastnets answer is , that they dont know what is this.

Do you mean the content visible at the top here? I’m still just guessing what the content might be, because I still haven’t seen any screenshots from you indicating what exactly the content is.

Because this content just looks like product information being dumped on the page without formatting.

Does this text mean anything to you? Do the names and descriptions match any other products you have on your website?

Yes that content , also below pictures , when you click on product, there must be, that product pictures, price and descriptions, instead of this , there is that content you posted, also slideshow, which is my content and some strange pictures and i dont know why this happened.

Like I said, if this is content from your website, then it’s probably WooCommerce markup being missing from the theme. Maybe your website is configured to also show product recommendations which your theme does not support?

If it’s not missing markup, then the only other possible explanation I can think of is that your website is infected with malware, and the malware is injecting ad codes into your website.

In either case, the problem is with your website, not with our hosting. I would highly recommend to try a different theme and see if that changes anything. Even if this theme worked fine before on other sites.

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Its different content , not from my website, so its malware infection but how can i protect website from cyberattacks? I had installed security plugins , but website was infected , what should i do? Reinstall wordpress? How can i fix issue if its malware infection? Thanks you very much and best regards.

There is no sure fire way to protect a website against malware, but in general sense:

  • Ensure all your software is up to date. Make sure you’re running the latest versions of all scripts, plugins and themes. If some of the software you’re using is no longer being updated, consider switching to alternatives which are actively maintained.
  • Only run software from trusted sources. Plugins and themes from WordPress.org or ThemeForest are usually quite safe. While many other websites offer plugins and themes as well, those files may contain malware added by the uploader or website owner.

As for how to clean a website infected with malware:

  1. Make a backup, then remove everything from your website. Any file could potentially be infected, and should be treated like they are. This includes other scripts which were not part of your WordPress installation.
  2. Install a fresh copy of WordPress, as well as any required plugins and themes. Be sure to use fresh downloads of this software, because the files in your backup may be infected.
  3. Restore the contents of your backup. Database content is probably safe, but files are not. Try to use as little from the backup as possible.

For more detailed instructions, you can try to find a guide online. There are plenty of articles explaining how to recover from a hacked (WordPress) website.


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