I'm InfinityHappy!

Took me less than 6 hours setting up and running a test site. Now I believe I can do it in one :wink:
Everything is working fine ans fast!
See PS

Next step is to install a CMS. I’m gonna try SPIP, that has a good cache system to minimize the requests.

Last, but not least: could you guys think that this could be helpful?

Is an httpd module that allows you to add crypted random values for CSP

Could it this be possible?

Thanks in advance

I repeat myself, I know, IF is amazing!
Good job, guys!

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Its not up to InfinityFree what gets added or removed from the servers configuration. If you want to request something to be added, you would be better off asking on the iFastNet Support.


Thanks, but I’m not a client of iFastNet. I believe the guys at IF have access to their httpd config, so they should decide

InfinityFree is owned by iFastNet in a way. iFastNet has control over InfinityFree.

Just like you aren’t owned by your local grocery store, InfinityFree isn’t owned by iFastNet. We are only a customer of them. They build the free hosting infrastructure, so for these system level changes we’re dependent on iFastNet.


Ok, it was only a suggestion to improve the sites security with CSP, if you guys think it worth it. Thanks anyway and again: great job, Infiniters!