IMPORTANT: Support during the holidays

First of all, merry christmas, happy holidays and happy whatever-holiday-you-celebrate-this-time-of-year from InfinityFree!

In the next week or two, most of us here are away to spend time with friends and family.

Unfortunately, this means support requests and account reviews may take a bit longer to get picked up than usual. We’re doing our best to keep your websites working normally during the holidays, but individual reviewing cases for individual accounts may be delayed.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. However, please be patient while we’re going to work through the support requests. Please don’t send any additional emails, forum posts and so on, as doing so will only increase our workload meaning it will take even longer for all issues to get checked. As always, we’ll go through them first come, first served, so rest assured that your issue will get picked up in due time.

Enjoy this time of year and we’ll be back at full strength in the next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday your staff has!
I actually just switched to x10hosting temporarily, because the www version of my website was different from my regular one, but I just realized it was the cache on my browser. -_-

I have problem with the server and my website is down like “502 bad gateway” and my website is can you solve it?

@fixri46 said:
I have problem with the server and my website is down like “502 bad gateway” and my website is can you solve it?
I have the same problem

hi team,

I have a problem with my website is down like “502 bad gateway, nginx” . My website is , could you please to solve it?

Thanks for your kindness

Best regards,

I am having problems on my website,. My website 2 days ago was inaccessible and message 502 Bad Gateway appeared. is there any solution ?

Hey Admin
plz look at my website
it shows 502 BAD GATEWAY
pl,z solve the issue asap

If you all guys have Same as me then guys please wait it’s servers problem, in simple on which computer our sites being hosted is gone shut down. All we can do is wait.

Happy Holiday guys!

I’m hoping this “502 Bad Gateway” error will be resolved soon.

Okay Everyone!
There’s a 502 Error on most sites here, Including mine.
But I think this is just tempoary issue, please wait 1-6 hours, the issue should resolve on its own.

Please don’t spam the admin for this issue.
This is a free service and a lot of peapole is using this service and sometimes the server could get overloaded.

Premium service’s does not GUARANTEE 100% Free of 50X error, but atleast it should be a lot more unlikely to happen.
Also depending on what Premium service you choose, you could even get a service worser than InfinityFree but PAID.
Always check for reviews on the Internet.



Happy holiday everything!

Happy holidays to you! Thank you for informing!

Had my account suspended, was extremely confused as I’ve only used it for harmless personal web hosting projects, ie. a web-based terminal (with no real functionality, just aesthetics), templates for concept sites, etc. I’m patiently waiting for a reply to my ticket, as i’d love to know what went wrong here, and because I really need access to my websites files so I can transfer to my new host.

I’ve been getting very frustrated with the 2~ day wait at this point, but after reading this forum post, I understand completely now. Feel free to take your time, I know you guys are busy and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.