IMPOSSIBLE install Wpress via softaculous or FTP?

Hi, it’s impossible for me to install Wpress via softaculous or FTP ?

Impossible to choose de domain destination ?

“Monsta file manager” from de cPnalel delete my as soon as it is uploaded?
Or, it take 1/2 hour to decompress the 20% of the zip file (downloaded from when it didn’t deleted yet?

Any clue to install wordpress in any way ?
Tks in advance!

Just loose 5h to install wordpress! wow! loll

I guess you’re uploading More than 10MB. Extract the zip file to your device then upload then via FTP piece by piece.


Ok, but it’s the direct zip file from wordpress ! loll how can this site pretend to be accurate when installing a basic basic software like WP is a 5 hours headache lolll.

Anyway, i quit and my site is now up and running elsewhere in less than 2 hours (including multiple plugin install, corrections on pages, email set-up, etc… !)

5 hours to figure out how to install wordpress here, is a total scam and false and very bad advertising representation.

Softaculous is a total and ridiculous fail!
Monsta cant manage basic things…
Well, very very disapointing of lolll

Be sure i’ll be happy to talk about all this whenever I have the opportunity on the web and around…

Ciao infinity!
lol again…

Can you please clarify what you mean by this?

You could try to extract the archive on your own computer, and upload the extracted files with a desktop FTP client like FileZilla. That way, you avoid having to extract the zip file on the server, which is always messy.

I have not found a web based FTP client yet which doesn’t choke if you try to feed it a large archive. MonstaFTP, while (IMO) the best web based FTP client available right now, is no exception.


Maybe use FTP softwere or Softaculous remote.


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