In which account id "" domain is registered?

My website URL is []:

I want to host another domain name “” along with my current url, but it is saying that the domain already exists in InfinityFree Account. I want to know in which account this domain is mapped

Additional information:

Kindly help me to host domain name.

Thank you

Your domain is not pointing to the correct nameservers. Change them to,,, and from your domain registrar’s nameservers management panel.

I Cannot Do A Whois Lookup On This Domain.
Because Of What Ergastolator1 Said.

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That domain name does not appear to be assigned to any hosting account right now. What do you see when you try to add it?

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I see the message “This domain is already hosted in another account”

If the message also includes “or you didn’t change the nameservers to the following ones” or something similar, then remember that:

Can you please share a screenshot of the page you see when you try to add it?

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