InfinityFree 90s logo

I know this website wasn’t around then but I was wondering. If the website did exist back then, what would the logo look like? I wanna add it to my site without making it look out of place.
I can make one but, I’d like to know where to start.

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Are you trying to make a video on how InfinityFree looked in the 90s? We don’t know how the logo was made if that was in the 90s, but I think this hosting is of recent production (2012).

I am making a 90s/2000s website for a story but, I wanna credit the hosting. Trying to brain storm. I just wanna hear what other people would think it’d be.

Think Black & White, think how the Rainbow was taken of back in the 90s. Think of how free hosting, and how unpopular it would be, just think.

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