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I tried to make a home page just like I did it with elementor and Wordpress.

You do realize that copying our website is stealing our content which is against the law, right?

You’re nowhere near the first to try and copy me. And you wouldn’t be the first to get DMCA’d because of it.


It’s done locally @Admin, and is just for educational purposes only! it’s not going to be on the internet.


I think it’s still against the law though. Correct me if I’m wrong.

As long as it is not shared, I see no reason why you can work on it as a self test. However, as soon as it is published, or even shared locally, it becomes illegal.

Learn more:
(US) What is Copyright? | U.S. Copyright Office
(UK) How copyright protects your work - GOV.UK


Greenreader9 is right.

Distribution of content like that is illegal.

I don’t know about the code itself (unless you got a copyright on that, too).

Creating it yourself is almost always allowed, as long as, like greenreader said, you do not distribute it.


It depends on what they are going to use it for.

Simply for an educational purpose like they said is a great opportunity to understand why things work the way they do and is actually a great idea.

If they were to set up a website with this or distribute it, however, then yes it would be stealing and yes if you have a copyright then you can file charges against him.

It is not shared or hosted. Thank You!

Many aspects of copyright laws are quite similar all over the world, but what constitutes “fair use” (which is what educational usage would fall under) does vary a bit.

Copying the content for local evaluation might still be technically against copyright law, but also something that’s hard to confirm and go after.

As long as your “educational purposes” don’t involve things like uploading the website to a domain which implies relation to InfinityFree, or are redirecting visitors to your own registration link, it’s not too big of a deal. But if you do things like that, you’re committing fraud by making people believe they are dealing with InfinityFree when they are not. And that’s definitely not OK.



It’s such a gray area that many argue for days and yet conclude nothing,
except: if someone is powerful and wants to sue you in most cases he can do it

A banal example:

You took a screenshot of the IF website (which includes logo, other text and graphics)
and posted it on some forum (here)
it is then a derivative of the original - which then violates the copyright

like taking a book and photocopying each page
and in the end you have a copy of someone’s work,
or you did a search on google images and took any picture it served you.

So your post here on the forum (just image) does not prove fair use at all
(the difference between what you have internally on your local PC for personal use)
because publish a screenshot without any text it is quite debatable whether this is then a fair use.

Generally when we do a screenshot of someone’s website
here on the forum we do it for the purpose of criticism (fair use)
because when someone has a problem - we give our review.

Much depends on what a particular person allows and how much he or she is empowered to prosecute you legally, so it is always best to ask for permission.

I’ve read a lot of discussions about whether Google can even make a thumbnail of your website, etc. for SERP …

not to mention lawsuits when someone REC how he plays some video game
without the prior consent of Sony etc. Coca Cola logo in video or in image and much more.

Please don’t take this post as an accusation, rather
as a simple conversation about what all could be a problem :slight_smile:


So, you’re saying… Fortnite can sue every single player that has every uploaded a gameplay to youtube?


And don’t even get me started on Minecraft

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is infinityfree a registered company? if so where?

many allow it all because it is also an advertisement for them
and it all depends from company to company what attitude he will take,
but it is always best to approach it individually rather than generalize.


XD payback

But yeah, I guess copyright can be taken as far as that. I never thought about copyright that much before though…


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It’s an informal page :confused:

Kind of defeats the purpose of the definition “informal”, but I guess everything has its boundaries…

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I know, but this one is kind of about IF and copyright, not the forum and markup. Whatever I guess :slight_smile:


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Google have cached it. Is that against the law too?