Infinityfree or Profreehost?

I’ve noticed another service called Profreehost. It seems they are both owned by MOFH. Can I get help deciding which one is better? Thanks!

You won’t get a neutral answer here. They compete in business.
Even if its competitor are more better, this hosting admin won’t recommend it.

Imagine you are selling apples from your garden. Then your neighbor sells his apple from his garden too, which is better than yours.
Of course you would not recommend people to buy your neighbor’s apple because you will lose your buyer.

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InfinityFree and Profreehost are both powered by iFastNet. Feature-wise, they should be pretty identical.

So, it really just comes down to who provides better support.

Quickly looking over Profreehost’s forums and wiki, I’d say that InfinityFree is way better at providing support.

This is why I’d pick InfinityFree:

  1. A bigger and more active community on forums. This means you’ll have more people that can help you, with a faster response.

    Profreehost’s community seems really small and inactive.

  2. InfinityFree has a more modern forum system, which personally feels easier and more intuitive to use.

  3. Their knowledge base (wiki) has heaps of articles that can help almost every problem or question you have. InfinityFree’s website seems to load faster too.

  4. Profreehost’s help articles seem to be missing lots of crucial guides to common questions, they don’t even have a search bar.

This is my honest opinion. I think the best way to win over people, is to evidently show that you’re better than the competitors.

I can tell that the InfinityFree admin cares about their users, and are very genuine and truthful.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve picked InfinityFree. I’d love to hear more opinions.


alright thanks ill just stick with infinityfree

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