Installed site to recommended /htdocs folder. site not showing up

i see the welcome page.

**site installed. i am seeing; ’ Let’s Make Something Awesome

Your account is all set up, it’s time to build your website!’**

i’ve installed into the recommended /htdocs folder. i can get to my admin page, just not main index.

thanks for the help!

site can be accessed only if i put in /index.php.
in the main, /htdocs only shows the one index page that is from my website.

i deleted the index2.php file in the main directory where it says: DO NOT UPLOAD FILES HERE.
i think i may have destroyed some type of redirection, direct access to /htdocs with my main index there.
can someone supply me with a new index2.php file that i deleted?

I can see your site home page. You should clear your cache.


solved. ty!