Is a blocked site wasting resources?


"Hello Valued Customer,

This mail is to inform you that your site with the username epiz_29052146 has utilised over 50% of its daily resource limits.

This limit is reset every day.

The resources that your site has used over 50% on is :

io warning"

Yesterday there was a blocking of the account and the site, the time had not yet expired, and a letter was sent to the post that the resources were exhausted by 50%. Still blocked and not working as the site uses resources?
Thank you.

Can you please provide your domain that the template asks for?


the site is now blocked, but the resource I/O Limits is 100% spent…

Can you please show the graphs for usage?, thanks!

site blocked for three days in a row


You seem to be suspended because of io and cpu, please read these articles:

And if you still get suspended try moving to a new InfinityFree hosting account

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but what limit io and cpu can be reached if the site is blocked for 3 days?

It is only suspended for 24 hours at a time. It must have gotten unsuspeded, than returned to the suspended state quickly because of another hitting of the limit. If you have a WP site, this happens, because WP tries to run a ton of thongs as soon as your site is unsuspended, effectively re-suspending your site.

but now the site is blocked, and the graphs show that the resource has already been exceeded (on the blocked site)


That’s what a suspension is. It only lasts for 24 hours, but read my above replay about why it might be lasting longer for you.

ok i got it

why are resources being used now? WordPress was deleted yesterday

Note that everything does not re-set immediately. You will need to be patient.

I’ve received confirmation that there was in fact an issue with the limit calculations. iFastNet say the issue has been fixed.

Your account has been up for a while now, so I think it helped!

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