Is allowed sngine buyed to install

is allowed sngine buyed to install here

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I think that package won’t work (It depends on which modules you want to use).

First because it probably requires a lot of resources

then requests mail() Sngine - Documentation

then it uses third parties for video and audio calls, SMS and so on through the API
and that may be blocked by the server (also some features require REST)

And there are some things questionable for TOS

Generally speaking - you paid for something and you can only use “half or less” of it
and I think that is not in your interest.

Admin will surely answer you in more detail

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If you afford to buy that script ($60+), why you can’t afford to buy premium hosting with high spec? :thinking:

IMO, I prefer to use Facebook Workplace (for internal organization/company), rather than to install complicated social engine script.

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