Is already assigned and in use [ solved]

zaten atanmış kullanımda hatası almaktayımdır . dns infinityfree ye yonlendirdim ancak hala boyle demektır ustunden 72 saatte gecmıs bulunmaktadır hala ayndır .site url si

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Hello there,

First of all this is an International English forum, you must speak in English or at least use an English translator.

Here’s a translation of your topic:

I am already getting the error in use assigned. I directed dns infinityfree, but it still says that, it has been over 72 hours, it is still the same .site url

I am waiting for your help

Thank you from now.

What web hosting service did you use before?
Also is this the first time you added that domain here on InfinityFree?


I used I redirected to DNS infinityfre.
yes I added this domain here for the first time

I think there is an error in your PHP code, that’s why your page throwing an HTTP Error 500

Here’s an Screenshot of your Site


Add this line into your .htaccess file to enable PHP errors

php_value display_errors On
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not currently defined for hosting. I get this error when I want to add domain to hosting

Have you removed the domain from iFast hosting?
If not, I think it’s best you raise a support ticket to iFast informing abt this issue…

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I did not go into the panel and add it to the domain. I just set the dns that way. Then I translated it back to episodes and when I wanted to add it from the panel, I got this error.

I posted a ticket resolved.

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