Is the CUrl is Enabled?


Actually i have created an online store using WordPress - WooCommerce.
And i have use Paytm plugin on it as payment gateway, all are set to the Paytm plugin. And all are ok. But when the final transaction process have to done, then it shows an error. So after i have aske to the paytm team about this matter, they said is my Curl is Enabled or not, so i asked you.
Please Admin tell me, is the Curl is Enabled? Because i don’t know, please tell me as soon as possible. Please.


Yes, cURL is enabled.

You say it shows “an error”? What does the error say?


Oh thank you so much for your reply.
And error is that, when the Paytm payment making final step, when we need to enter the OTP for the payment, when that page is opened, immediately the page redirect to an another page, and it shows: "Your session has expired!

This problem usually arises because you have cookies disabled or not accessible or has expired. You may start a fresh transaction again. Thanks".

That’s the error i have face.


How to execute cURL command for our website? How to open the terminal for my website??


I still don’t fully understand what tells which error. So you are redirected to PayTM to complete the payment, and then PayTM shows an error?

Nevertheless, I’m not sure I can help you with this. I’m not that experienced with WooCommerce and I’ve never used PayTM, so I don’t know why the two can’t work together.

First of all, please don’t hijack other’s people’s topic to asks your own, unrelated questions.

Second, cURL is not just a command line tool. cURL is also a PHP module, which means it can be accessed through PHP functions, rather than the command line:


Hi. Now the problem is solved admin.
And now i can make transaction in my site.
And the problem was actually when the transaction in last step, when customers need to enter OTP to complete the transaction, then the page redirect to an another page it says Season Expiry, but now the problem is solved.