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I am trying to get the data from the geojson file using php file_get_content but for some reason it doesn’t show up on my website. When i try to load just the geojson file it works but it doesn’t work on the website itself.
So on my console.log it shows:
{“status”:{“code”:“200”,“name”:“ok”,“description”:“success”,“returnedIn”:“15 ms”},“data”:[]}
I should be getting the geojson data in “data” but its empty.

Can you please give a lot more info, as well as the code? We really can’t help you if we only get a “doesn’t work” and the console output.

So I am trying to get the geojson data in javascript using ajax through php. This is my php file:


ini_set('display_erros', 'On');


$executionStartTime= microtime(true);

//$url= file_get_contents("https://binita.infinityfreeapp.com/countryBorders.geo.json");


                $decode = json_decode($url,true);

    $newArr = [];


    for($i=0; $i<count($decode['features']); $i++) {

    array_push($newArr, $decode['features'][$i]['properties']);



                $output['status']['code'] = "200";

                $output['status']['name'] = "ok";

                $output['status']['description'] = "success";

                $output['status']['returnedIn'] = intval((microtime(true) - $executionStartTime) * 1000) . " ms";

    $output['data'] = $newArr;

    //$output['data'] = $decode['features'];


    header('Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8');


echo json_encode($output);




			url: "libs/php/task.php",
			type: 'GET',
			dataType: 'json',
            			data: {
				name: $('#countries').val(),
				iso_a2: $('#country').val()
			success: function(result) {
				if (result.status.name == "ok") {
                var data=result.data;
                      var formoption = "";

                $.each(data, function(v) {
    var val = data[v]
     optionText = 'Choose Country';
            optionValue = 'Choose Country';
       //formoption += "<option value='" + optionValue + "'>" + "Ch" + "</option>"; 
    formoption += "<option value='" + val.iso_a2 + "'>" + val.name + "</option>";
			error: function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown,err){
				// your error code


Can you please format your code?

Please highlight the code (Not your explanatory text) and click the </> icon on the top of the editor.

I updated the formatting on your post a bit to make the code easier to read.

Checking your website, is this supposed to be the URL to your PHP script? https://binita.infinityfreeapp.com/libs/php/task.php?name=&iso_a2=

Because it returns the data field with all the content I would expect.

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