Longbash and Soundar

@longbash I don’t want to be offtopic there,so I created a new informal topic.

Can you please explain?
Did I even give any hatred statements?


No Sounder, im just want to make jokes, as i know my reply limit will load please help me. I want to ask some to you

Contact me through email if you think you need my help.

Email = longbashneedshelp@soundarahari.eu.org

That was not a place to make jokes

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Seeing you’re asking people their age and gender, you should’ve introduced yourself first, there’re lots of communities that you can head into them if you need any help or just want to talk to poeple. :smile:

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Thank you Soundar. If you don’t angry to me i will send mail to you that includes my question.

Lol, I was never angry

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Even you can contact me @ bayodinoisamoderator@soundarahari.eu.org

Last time i emailed someone was 1 year ago :pensive:

nobody opened a special email address for me subdomain named with their own website.

before you
Why you joking me? Is it real, i will test it.

Probably he isn’t joking? You cannot judge people like that.

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Lol, I have a catchall account

So even if you put an email to joebiden@soundarahari.eu.org it will reach me

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Admin is not like that, and don’t be toxic :wink:


Please reply this or close your computer! :rage: @BayoDino

If you’re a person who’s going to throw inappropriate sarcasms because people joke with him/her (or even someone takes a bit long to type) then:
tenor (46)


Okay! I learn one minute ago to you are the moderator. I’m sorry but Soundar is open this topic for unnecessary chat

This is a category for unnecessary chat