Lost access to my account

Username -epiz_29956093or Website URL-http://cashipme.epizy.com/

Error Message

I recently made this website, i think it was Thursday. I don’t know how I forgot to put in the log-in details but the fact is I forgot to put them in. So the softaculous place was left unfilled.

Other Information

But when I downloaded WordPress, remember you’re given the URL to your website, and the first time I used it, I was able to access my website but today, I’m not able to since all i get is this message

But remember, I forgot to put in the login details in the admin account section, yet here they are asking me for the login details


Delete the installation and re-install it. Make sure that you provide all the info required.

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If your site is new, reinstalling may be the fastest solution. It’s definitely easier than trying to reset the password.

If you already put in a lot of effort into the site, you should be able to change your admin credentials through the Softaculous installations menu.

And if that doesn’t work, you can reset the password through the database:


Thanks for the help. I did what the article stated.

I went into my control panel and clicked on the phpMyAdmin. Then got directed to the database files where i clicked on connect now.

I then looked users in the structure section, clicked on it, edited the user-pass section. Then the problem got solved when i put the same password in the softaculous section, then clicked on save the details.


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