Lost coding and pissed

Username (e.g. epiz_27081506) or Website URL: megamadz.epizy.com

(please specify the website or account you are asking about)
Our website is deleted with no notice, plz give me code or restore it since we didn’t know or plz give us back all the coding, it took a lot of efforts, didn’t download it yet!!!

It’s so devastating!!!


You sure it was deleted and not just down? Did you check the pinned topic?

We cannot do that. It is your responsibility to always have a backup. You files may still be there, but the server just might be offline. When the server comes back online, you should have your files back.

Where did you code the site? You shouldn’t be coding online, but on your own machine. Also, you should never edit things online (like the file manager) as things won’t be backed up that way. Always code offline using software like Notepad++ Dreamweaver etc. This way you always have a backup on your machine. (You should also keep a backup on a flash drive in case your computer crashes).

Please check the pinned topic, and wait for a solution.

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Ouch … this hurts.

I had a similar issue working on my local backup. I had finished making some difficult new revisions (hence my backup was now the most recent version) then went to delete an older backup of the backup named ‘index.php.bak’ and accidently did ‘rm index.php’ … 7 hours of work, gone. You only have to learn these lessons once, man.


This owner deserve to get hanged and never use it again !!!

What do you mean? Admin has nothing to do with this. It is iFastNet’s fault.

This argument is a little fallacious. If I understand the relationship here, iFastNet is selling hosting services to Admin (with permission to resell said hosting services). Admin then sells (and offers free ad-driven hosting services) to us – I may be mistaken, but that’s as I understand it. Feel free to correct me.

It’s rarely the case in IT that this ‘subcontract’ circumstance absolves anyone of responsibility. For example, if your internet went down for a week because your ISP’s backhaul went down, would it not be your ISP’s fault for choosing a sub quality backhaul? There is an understood inheritance of responsibility because each service provider has the responsibility to choose their service providers wisely in a way that is best for their customers. In the same way, Admin is responsible for those things caused by iFastNet simply because he continues to use them. There is no absolution here, nor would there be in any other healthy IT arrangement.

That said, bad habits and fallacious acceptance runs rampant in some of the less disciplined IT world. It’s easy to pass on blame, and even easier to write off a one-time occurrence as a freak event never to happen again to ease one self away from the hassle of changing service providers. This is true for Admin just as it is for us. I am guilty of this too, as this kept me from moving my website for a long time. I kept thinking 'this is a one time fluke, it won’t happen again!" until it did.

I do not wish to speak ill of Admin. I appreciate the free tier, and I disabled my ad-blocker to help support it. Plus, I have to say that since recreating my account on the new server, it’s been great. Admin himself suggested I try this, so props to him for sure. But, if only for academic purposes, I felt the need to point this out – feel free to disagree, but it’s as I see it.


Technically you are correct. Good explanation!

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Shame on you because you never backup in the first place!
Instead of blaming yourself, you blame others.
This is a loser mentality
Take 100% responsibility for your life.


I checked your account @PISSED and I see it was deleted for inactivity. I know that at least on the 24th of May you should have received an email telling you the account was suspended with instructions on how to get it back. Before that, you may have received warning emails about the account being due for removal due to inactivity.

This is how it normally works. But of course, there are many reasons why an email could get lost or overlooked.

If that happened to you, then I’m sorry. But know that we did our best to notify you.

A lot of people come here, setup an account and then forget about it. Or move the site elsewhere and forget to deactivate the account on our end. In such cases, we want to remove the inactive sites to make room for people who do actually use our services.

Your account got no traffic in a single month. So we assumed you had forgotten about your site. This is why it was deleted.

And when I say it was deleted, I really mean it’s deleted. Your account is gone, along with the files, databases and everything else on it. We have no way to recover that data. I’m sorry about that.

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