Mail error: Relay access denied



Error Message

554 5.7.1 <felipe@mlinfocomp-com>: Relay access denied

Other Information

MX registers :
cih3esne-epizy-com mx-byetcluster-com. 0
mlinfocomp-com mx.zoho-com. 10
mlinfocomp-com mx2.zoho-com. 20
mlinfocomp-com mx3.zoho-com. 30

zb010------.mlinfocomp-com. zmverify-zoho-com

CloudFlare: Currently Disabled

—I replace . (dot) for - to disable link.

Can you please inform us about where this error is occurring? Your contact forum seams to work fine.

I am configuring the email server at Zoho, which I already use in other projects, however when sending email to it does not work, however sending from zoho works.

Well, the ONLY MX records you should have are the records for the provider you are currently using. So you can start by removing all the MX records but the ones provided by Zoho for your account.


It is working now, I believe it is the DNS propagation time. Thanks

Glad to hear it, you should, however, still remove the unused MX records as they may cause you more problems later.

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