Main domain Suspended account is still active

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Gets redirected to

According to an old topic this has happened to other users before and it could get resolved.

Sorry i got a typo there
the redirection goes to


Your domain is your account’s main domain

When your account is created, a “main domain” is automatically generated for it. These main domains are a subdomain of eight random characters, followed by an InfinityFree domain. An example main domain looks like “”.

These main domains will never show your website and always redirect to These main domains are just internal identifiers, and the content shown on it does not reflect the status of your hosting account or the other domains on it. The main domain does point to the IP address of your account (which makes it useful if you want to use your own DNS servers), but never shows any website from your account.


Well my domain i used expired
and using the ip which my main domain returns is
Going to that domain returns 403
Any idea on how i can still browse to my page?

you can remake a new domain which points to and when it’ll expire after 8 days!

may what was your site domain?

2 Likes but it got makred as fraud same as other users experienced here using freenom. Apparently a few domains got somehow pointed to a scam page:

i will try that thanks

If the domain is still assigned to your hosting account, you can edit your “hosts file” to point your domain to your website just for you. There are tons of guides online which explain how to do that.

The server will only show you your website if you contact it on your IP address with your domain. If you try to visit the IP directly, or try to visit the main domain, the server doesn’t know which account/website you’re trying to access, so it won’t show you anything.


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