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Well In 000Webhost They Don’t Allow Parking Domain And For That Feature You Have To Pay And The Storage In There Is LIMITED While Infinityfree IS UNLIMITED


wait i never knew this :confused:

the reason i left was losing my data in 000webhost. it was a simple wordpress only.

picking a hosting is belong to your Taste, we just have to agree

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Addition To My Other Post: 000Webhost Has An Intrusive Ad That Scrolls Along Your Visitor.

I know methods to remove that ad in 000webhost, with both CSS and only HTML, but that might not be accepted, because you need to upgrade to Premium to remove it permanently?

maybe it not be. i heavy tried myself but it’s not pointing to any class or id.

or maybe creating a div element in bottom with z-index: 999999

I Changed From 000Webhost Because (See My Profile For That Reason) And They Do Not Allow Me To Use Parking Domain Feature In Free Plan.

it’s weird :neutral_face:

where did you got your domain?

Free Domain Registrar

looking at it. it gives me 3month-> free.

it means it’ll expire after 3months?

You can also choose up to 12 months free.

thx!. i’m wondering what happen after it expires?

It will be removed from your account after some days and re-available for registration. I suggest you renew it 14 days before it expires, just like paid domains, so that it will still be available on your account.

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the same domain?

For Me: Change Me Ip Address And Buy Back All The Domain. (Freenom Tracks Your Usage By Your IP Address.


thank you all :smile:

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what’s Zip Code?

Your Postal Code. It is of 5-6 characters, depending on the country.

UK Has Weird Zip Codes Like ND 2F4

i see, i prefer to do it another time :confused: