Mainly ClicketyClacketyClick, BayoDino, Ergastolator1 And People talk about stuff

Be Aware That In Infinityfree You Can Only Use Specific Freenom Domains Like: .ml,.gq,.cf,.ga, ETC
You CANNOT Use .Tk Domain As The Domain Are Banned In Infinityfree

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i know. i mean i cannot do it at this age( family problems) :slight_smile:

My Family Just Allows Me hm :yum:

they want me to become at least 22 to do these things :confused:

do you have discord account?

I’ve to go. class is started and i’m late

Yes I’ll Private Message You Later This Topic Is Off Topic Now

on discord?

Yes Later Private Message

HEHE Wait I’m Changing Things

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I Was Just Doing A Prank Let Me Change MY Profile To The Old One


I split some of your posts off of the main topic because it was getting off topic quite a bid.

Please carry on :wink:


thanks :D

Also, he forgot my username, because I also was talking with you all, but for the rest I’m happy.

i think he didn’t see yours while spliting :confused:

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Maybe he didn’t see it. But for the rest: I’m confused right now :confused:.

me too :confused:

Sorry, my bad. I just skimmed most of the messages and saw a profile images with a black background and a white image in the foreground.


Love the topic title. :smile:

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And it ninja’d us :eyes:

of course it’s powered by Ifastnet. :smirk:

i prefer InfinityFree cuz it doesn’t has a toxic forum , and feeling better here :slight_smile:

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