Migrate data from MySQL on the Infinity Free server to MSSQL on another server

I would like to know how data is migrated from the MySQL database of this server to a server with MSSQL Database Server.

Hello there,

So you want to use MSSQL instead of MySQL? And also just to clarify are you trying to migrate your MySQL database to an external MSSQL server or here on InfinityFree?

And just to let you know is that InfinityFree hosts websites on Linux only, so Mirosoft SQL Server here isn’t supported.


You typically can’t migrate data from one database to another just like that. Every database engine works differently, so some features are probably different.

Just to make a few things clear about our hosting:

  • We don’t provide MSSQL database servers, and our servers don’t have the MSSQL modules for PHP installed. So you cannot use MSSQL databases from websites hosted with us.
  • Our MySQL servers are not accessible from the public internet. You can only connect to our databases through our phpMyAdmin installation and from PHP code on our hosting servers.

A 10 second web search told me about a tool from Microsoft called SSMA, which is specifically built to help migrate from one database to another. So that definitely seems like a good place to start: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssma/sql-server-migration-assistant

The fact that we don’t provide remote database access makes things a bit harder, but this is how I would do it:

  1. Setup a local MySQL database server on my own computer (e.g. using XAMPP).
  2. Backup the MySQL database from my hosting account through phpMyAdmin.
  3. Import the backup into the database server on my own computer.
  4. Use SSMA to migrate the data from the local MySQL server to the target MSSQL server.

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