Migrate to infinitefree

I have my website hosted on amazon website hosting which is being managed by Cloudways and to be very honest it’s been working fine for me. However, since you are offering free hosting than I would very much like to migrate to your hosting plans. However, I have couple of questions.
For instance: where do you have your datacenters located.?
Do you provide managed option for hosting or I have to manage it my self.?

Our servers are located in United Kingdom. We don’t offer any managed option on free shared hosting, so you have to manage your website by yourself.
But my EC2 server, where is hosted my website, is located in the United States, because I was too lazy to change the server’s location.

Can you please clarify what you mean by “managed hosting”?

Our hosting in some ways is comparable to Cloudways, in that we maintain the infrastructure and you maintain the website running on it. It’s not like a VPS where you need to manage the server software (fully unmanaged), or a service where we handle things like website programming, plugin management, etc. for you (fully managed).

That said, the similarities with Cloudways pretty much end there. Cloudways is an application hosting platform and InfinityFree is a website hosting platform. The target audiences are different (developers vs. webmasters) and so are the softwares which are most commonly hosted (custom applications using frameworks like Laravel vs. CMS like WordPress). And both Cloudways and we are optimized our services to work best for these people and their software.

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