Monstaftp doesn't save files correctly

I often use the Monstaftp editor to work on my website. However, I can only save the file a few times before something weird starts happening:
I change the file in monsta, then save it and reload the webpage that I’m working on in the Browser. There are no errors from monsta, however the Webpage is still like before I saved it. Please Help!

Because of the caching issue. Clear it to see if that fixes? :slight_smile:


This sounds like a browser caching issue, not like an issue with FTP or the FTP software being used (MonstaFTP in this case).

If it’s browser cache, you can try to access your website in private browsing mode while developing on it, which disables most caches. If you’re using Cloudflare on your website, you should put that in Development Mode too.


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