Monthly Development Update: October 2016

Hi everyone!

This is the first edition of our Monthly Development Update. At the start of every month, we’ll publish a list of notable improvement and fixes we’ve made over the past month to let you know what we’ve been up to. It’s already a bit late for the October changelog, but here it is anyways.

  • Added one click login system. Previously, the “Login to Control Panel” button would just point you to the control panel login page, where you’d have to enter your username and password manually. Now, you can just click the button and you’ll be logged in to your control panel automatically!
  • Added a LOT of new articles to our knowledge base at
  • Added a contact form to our website at so you can contact us without having to go through the XVHOST website.
  • Added e-mail system for e-mail addresses. If you don’t want to use the contact form, you can also e-mail us at
  • Added as a domain option for new accounts.
  • Rewrote main website styling and added some additional sections to the home page.
  • Various bug fixes, most of them related to handling weird data from the hosting servers.

Plenty of things have changed in October and we hope we can turn November into another successful month!

Thank you for using our hosting and good luck with your websites!

Nice to see these changes. I would have missed this post if I haven’t scrolled down. I have been busy in the last time, but now I have more time on my hands so I am more active on the forums now.