My account gets suspended too quickly

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My website has been suspended for 24 hour for the second time this month. I have a Wordpress blog which does not receive much traffic.

But my website gets suspended every time I add a new post and ask my friends to read. My website gets suspended only after 50 to 60 page views, due to CPU overuse. Why does this happen. This happens even though I don’t do any back end activity

My CPU usage is high even though I have minimum and necessary plugins. Why is it so? Is Infinity Free not suitable for Wordpress websites?

It is suitable for WordPress websites, but my recommendation is to install a caching plugin like Autoptimize and enable all caches, then save the changes and empty the cache.

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I already use CDN, still this keeps happening.

A CDN is not cache. A CDN does help a little bit with load, but the load is primarily generated from PHP code, and a CDN does not prevent any PHP code from being executed. Cache allows some requests to take a shortcut by reusing old data rather than rebuilding the full page every time.

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I installed Autoptimize, and now 50% CPU usage is detected without me doing anything. There were only two page views after that.

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