My account keeps getting suspended for no reason

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Already happended 3 times for no reason.

What CMS are you using. I/O limit is the disk input and output of a server. It could be because of Cloudflare Bots or the bandwidth on your website. However I am not that big of a techy so IDK to much.

I use WordPress on one of my websites in that account. But my account only recently got suspended, and this is the third time. My websites do not receive much traffic, so it should not be the cause. Most likely this is a bug, either in iFastNet servers, or in my WordPress.

FreeHosting accounts having some limitations.
So If you are using wordpress try to disable some plugins which causing this error and running background.

Or go for premium hosting!

for more info read this!

This is an issue with I/O limit, not EP limit.

But thanks, I’ll try disabling some plugins after my website got reactivated.

EDIT: Please do not close this thread; disabling some plugins may won’t help solving the issue.

This is a common issue. If you use cloudflare. It does increate bandwithd and you get suspended. If you use wordpress. Delete themes and plugins that you dont need anymore.

But it only happened recently, it didn’t happened before, I’ve used WordPress for months without any issues even with the same themes and plugins. Could it because of a DDoS attack or bot crawlers?



Okay thanks, but my website has few visitors, so it should not affect I/O. Also it already happened 3 times in the past few days.

Wait, I think the cause might be because of prefetching pages, which uses unnecessary I/O loads. I’ll try fixing that after my website has been reactivated. Please don’t close this thread if possible until at least I’ve confirmed whether removing page prefetching fixed the issue.

We only close topics after 7 days, if the topic is a duplicate, or getting out of hand. This one won’t be closed until you reply, or until 7 days have passed :slight_smile:
Hopefully you figure this out, as the IO limit is one of the harder ones to diagnose and fix.

I had this problem too.

Eventually, I just transferred all of my websites to a new InfinityFree account and the problem was solved, I was no longer constantly getting suspended for IO.

What’s strange is the old InfinityFree account that I transferred away from kept on getting suspended for IO limits, even though there was nothing on there.

Try doing that and see if it works.

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That’s weird. Worth a shot though.

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Yes I’ll try doing that, but only as a last resort, because transferring domains and nameservers are a hassle. By the way, my website has been reactivated and I’ve removed prefetching. Hopefully it solves the issue.

Caching is known to cause i/o issue. You may need to reduce the cache preload frequency


Yes, I’ve removed all prefetching. I’m waiting to see if my site gets suspended again.

Suspended again for no reason… Definitely a bug, as @FreeServices had mentioned. Guess have to move my website to a different account, or wait Admin to fix it.

Try moving your files and domain to a new account. @FreeServices said that doing that worked. Hopefully Admin will be able to tell us more about this.

I’ll try doing that after my account has been reactivated, and I’ll tell whether it works or not.


Many of the activities I described previously have more to do with setting up the website than actually receiving traffic.

Because while more traffic leads to more load, it doesn’t mean you need high traffic to get high load. Heavy scripts can do that too.

Interesting… Are both the new and old accounts still active? If so, can you share the usernames so I can have a look? Because if what you’re saying is right, that could be a system issue.

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I would share the usernames if I could, but the accounts are deleted.
The old account got deleted from being suspended over 40 times. (I was in a suspension loop from I/O)
Then I upgraded to IFastNet, and deleted the new account. Sorry.

**edit, maybe it was an issue with CloudFlare? I’m honestly not sure

Also, I’m just wondering, what are the limits for IO for free hosting, because it’s generally measured in MB/s?