My Forum username has been screwed up

My hosting account username is: epiz_29972096
The website managed under that account is:

I am a newbie here. This is my second post. The topic of my first one, posted just a few days ago, was "What is the minimum activity requirement to avoid account deletion? ]("

As you will see, if you look there, I had created a forum username prior to posting it, which the forum requires. When I logged into the forum today, it again asked me to specify a forum username. I typed in “Moongazer,” which it rejected, saying that that name was already taken. “Yes,” I thought, by me!!. Noi matter what I tried, it would not let me use that name, and it would also not let me write anything here (neither a new post nor a reply to the older one) until I had entered a different username. So I was forced to enter a different name, “Mokongazer1” Why did this happen? And is it going to happen again every time I want to post a new topic here. This is very annoying. Can someone from admin please fix this for me? THis is not the question I was intending to post here, when I logged in, but that will have to wait. I do NOT relish the thought of having to keep creating new forum names to post under on this forum, and it seems there is no other way of contacting InfinityFree for support! Can I Have my old username back?

Your forum account is linked to your InfinityFree account, so you will need to login to your other InfinityFree account.

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I see you signed up with two different email addresses. Your oldest one has the username @Moongazer and you created a new profile with the username @Moongazer1. Of course, if one profile already uses the same username, you cannot use it on another profile. Even if you happened to create both of them yourself.

Also, please note that you do NOT need to sign up on again to create a new hosting account. You can just login to your existing profile and click the Create Account button to create a new hosting account.

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I did NOT sign up with two different addresses. When I signed into the forum, I signed in with the same email address as I used before, which is also the contact address I gave when I created my web-hosting account. Why did the forum ask me to provide a forum username, when clearly, I had already set one before? Can I have my original forum name back?

I am now guessing that it may be a result of my having cleaned out browser cookies in between creating the two threads. If that is not the reason, then I can’t understand it. If it accepted Moongazer as a forum name for my first thread, why did it want me to provide another one? This seems like a serious malfunction.

The database does not lie. You must have two different emails, otherwise this would not have happened.

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My apologies. I was wrong when I said I signed into the forum with the same email address as I had used before in my first thread (posted under the name Moongazer). I did not notice that my browser had inserted an older email address, which it remembered from earlier use and which differed from my current one by only one character, as I explained in another thread (“Testing”)

Yep, I replied to that other topic about what happened.

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