My FTP account is not connecting

Dear Team,
My FTP account is not connecting and my website in also not opening … the link of my website is
and when i try to open above stated link it shows me this error

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


i have tried very much to get answer from knowledge base but found nothing …
All of my credentials are correct and i have checked it many time …
Please help me in this regard…

my Website is not working. Why?

@urwausman, for me your website now shows a “403 Forbidden” error. Can you please reboot your router to get a new IP, and create a folder called “htdocs” if you get access to FTP?

@krzproject, can you please give the URL of your website, and the new status of it, since it was fixed automatically?

my web page is giving 403 Forbidden
the link is

my website is still showing 403 forbidon error

The main folder of your website is missing. If you add a domain through the Subdomains menu, it gets assigned to a folder /$subdomain/htdocs/. So you need to create those directories and upload your files to there, not to the main htdocs directory.


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