My index won't load

My site is

Originally, I had wordpress installed because I was following a tutorial, however I decided that it was way too complicated for what I was planning to do, so I renamed the default index given by wordpress and added my own. After trying I noticed that it didn’t load, it went to the default load page, so then I also renamed the index2, but that still didn’t work. Then I uninstalled wordpress and tried again, but nothing happened. Then I deleted both of the renamed indexes, and it didn’t work. Then I added another .htaccess inside the htdocs and tried to make a file home.html a priority, then renamed the index to home.html, but that also didn’t work. I don’t know what else to do, my guess is that I broke it when I renamed the index with wordpress installed, for now I deleted the .htaccess that I created and renamed it to index.html, but I can’t fix it, the only way to access the index is by going to

Why would you do that?

Of course it would not load.

Do too many things at the same time do not cut it. So what do you want in the first place?

Try put this in .htaccess

DirectoryIndex index.html

First question: I did it because I didn’t want to use wordpress, it is way too complicated for the site that I will do

Second question: I want to load my index file

Yes, as mentioned in the post, that was one of the things that I did, I added my own .htaccess to htdocs and added the home.html as an example, and it didn’t work. I also did it with only the index

It works


Try clearing your browser cache

I guess it’s a problem with my browser then, I can only see the default page, do you know what can I try related to the browser? i am using firefox

Did you do this?


sorry I didn’t see that, I did it and it seems to work, thank you (I feel like an idiot, I probably never even had an issue it was just the cache lol)



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