My Main-Domain redirects to suspended (fresh account)

only the addon-domain works

Your main domain will always do that. It’s not meant to be used to visit your site, just to mark your account and be used for DNS.


hey there, that’s weird… because… how is my CNAME-DNS-entry gonna work (it doesn’t = also just shows the suspended message)?

DNS tells a web browser which IP address it should connect to. After that, the web server listening on that IP address should know which website to serve there.

Your main domain is not configured in the web server to serve any web site, but it is configured to point to the IP address of your account.

Browsers can find the IP address for your own domain through the CNAME record, and will subsequently ask for your website for the original domain name. The web server has no way to tell whether you used our nameservers, a direct A record or a CNAME record to configure your domain name. All it knows is that someone wants to get see the website of

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thx for the response.
Now my Situation:
I have created the CNAME-Record on my external public DNS-Server, now how do I add the domain in my account without changing my NS to infinityfree-DNS-servers?

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I’m sorry, I forgot to include that part in my previous message.

In order to register the domain on your account so it will show your website, you must add the domain name as an Addon Domain or Parked Domain through the control panel.

However, to be able to add the domain, the domain MUST be using our nameservers already. So you cannot add the domain without changing your nameservers.

After the domain has been added, you are free to move it back to your own nameservers.

A domain verification method which does not require changing your nameservers is high on our wish list. But it’s not something we can offer right now.


hey there, it there any way to directly use cloudflare, or at least set the same dns-records?

set the DNS-records before changing NS.

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Like I said before: no. Your domain MUST be using our nameservers before you can add it to your account. There is no way to verify your domain in any other way at this time.

You can look up the IP address of your account and point your domain name to it. But doing so will just cause the same situation as what you had before:


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