My site is gone :(
it lets me log in, but all of my coding is gone:(
I just checked my email and I saw you guyss sent me something 10 days ago saying you were going to delete it in 5? I would have really appreciated a little more notice. Is there any way to recover the stuff?

could you guys have at least sent me a txt file of all my coding? :frowning: 5 days? really

send a massege to support

mine was free. Im not entitled to support

I’m sorry, but your account, and everything on it, is deleted. As much as I would like to restore it, or send you a backup of your code, we don’t have any copy of it anymore.

I agree that a notice of (less than) 5 days is short. However, we have sent your email beforehand warning you about the impending suspension. And the only reason your account was deleted is because we were under the impression that the account was no longer being used.

Please don’t. We’ll just have to reject that message.

I just double checked though, there was no other warning. The last email I have from you guys, before the five day notice was “Your new Infinity Free account was just created.” I can send you guys a screenshot if you like.

maybe you could embolden that your account and all of its’ content will be deleted if it remains inactive for a short while. Im in school right now, and when the semester was over, I would have finished my site and hosted it with you guys. Now, no way.

You should have received more messages, but they have been sent from, not Also be sure to check your spam folder as the hosting platform messages are more likely to end up there.

How would you recommend we highlight the deletion? I think the message is quite clear that the account will be deleted. Do you have suggestions on how we could improve this?

Also, note that deleting accounts for inactivity is standard with free hosting. People sign up all the time, only to abandon the account because they don’t need a website/need other features/don’t have time/etc. We cannot afford to keep accounts for those people until the end of time.

hi! no messages form (not even spam), except for the response in this forum. It would be a great thing to put as a reminder on top of the vista panel. or in the general login. “40 days of inactivity will result in account deletion” etc. It’s not a huge deal, but I kindof lost 40+ hours worth of work.
Or maybe like a 2 week reminder instead of a 5 day reminder sent from the same email address that sends the 5 day reminder?
Or something that autosends all of the files? It was like 5 txt files, can’t take up that much space.

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