My site is no longer indexed by Google (part 2)


We have switched to your hosting.

The file [robots.txt] ( is displayed correctly, but is still not visible in the control panel -test- tool

The site does not want to be indexed. The same problem was on old hosting

The official Google support forum says this is a server problem. Google does not see the site. You need to look at the server logs.
I did not find any in the server log folder.

Help solve the problem.
How can I see server logs?

Server logs aren’t available on free hosting.

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I understood. But this does not answer the question: why is my site not indexing Google on this hosting?

i think it’s due the security server bot

Even if the security system is not a problem for some bots and crawlers, because these may have JavaScript and cookies enabled and can access the website and index it without any problem.

Friends, everyone checked again a few times.
Google does not see the site on this server.

Will the administrator respond?

Do you see any actual error messages in the search console? If so, can you copy-paste them exactly as they are written there?


This is a screenshot of the Google console.

When trying to force (manually) send the robots.txt file to the server, he writes this

It’s possible that the bot protection system prevents webmasters tools from fetching the robots.txt file. We know that the Google site crawler can access websites on free hosting, but it’s possible the webmasters tools do not actually use the site crawler to fetch the robots.txt file.

In fact, if you type in Google, you’ll see many pages of your website have been indexed just fine. So I guess the webmasters error is a false positive?

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What you see on Google is the remaining remnants of the site’s pages. Two months ago, the site was fully searchable and worked well.

The supporters of the support forum say that access to the file was closed on the server side. They also ask to show logs, but I don’t have them.

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Got a response from Google expert
“Most likely the problem of network accessibility, or the firewall / antidos settings are blocking the exchange. Your hosting should know about these settings.”

I just checked through PageSpeed Insights and it’s redirecting to Did you remove the domain name from your account by any chance? If so, please add it again, or it will not be accessible (and so cannot be indexed).

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Yes, I moved the site to another hosting.
I do not plan to return yet. It is a pity that you could not help.

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